Alexander after fighting King Purushottam (King Porus) began his successful campaign to conquer India.

On one such quest he came across a sage meditating under a banyan tree.
Alexander had heard a lot of how revered and intelligent the sages of Indian subcontinent were and decided to test this particular sage’s intellect.

Alexander (lets call him A) : “So you sit here all day under this tree wearing practically nothing?”

Sage (S): Yes

A: What do you do for food?

S: If any passerby gives me I will eat. Else I will just sit here (and meditate)

A: Aren’t you ashamed of yourself? Do you not have any goal to achieve something in life?

S: What goal do you wish to achieve?

A: I will now conquer India and South East Asia!

S: Ok, after that what will you do?

A: I will then move to Australia and conquer that place!

S: Ok, after that?

A: Then I will move to Japan
(this went on till Alexander gave a detailed plan to conquer the world)

S: Ok, after conquering the world what do you wish to do?

A: I will sit peacefully on my throne!

S: That is exactly what I am doing now!
What you wish to achieve through a rigorous campaign, I have already achieved it.


Different people seek happiness in different ways. Some seek happiness in what they have. Some are ambitious and hard working and aspire more in their life.

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