This guy (the hero of our story – let’s call him Jay) wants to get his car driving license. He arrives at the Department of Motor Vehicles (who are authorized to provide a driver’s license/permit)
There is a long queue of people waiting to get the application, another long queue for an eye-sight test and yet another queue to give the driving test.
After a couple of hours, he could get the application, finished the eye-sight test (which was all fine) and waiting for his turn to take the driving test.

The helper-boy in the office comes up to Jay and signals him that all these waiting won’t help him in getting the license. The authorizing officer wouldn’t let anyone pass the driving test in less than 3 attempts unless he gets some money as bribe.
Around this time a 19 year old teenager and his suit-clad rich dad arrive. The teenager’s dad speaks to the helper-boy in private and the helper-boy carries the message to the authorizing officer. In no time, the helper boy comes out and asks the teenager and his dad to skip all the queues and walk straight into the authorizing-officer’s chamber. Everyone could see the helper-boy carrying an application and three cups of coffee inside the officer’s chamber. In fifteen minutes the teenager walks out beaming with his new license (even without giving a test) & his dad follows him and they leave in their expensive car. The helper boy comes to Jay and tells – did you see how easy it is if you shell out some cash.
Jay who wants to take the path of honesty, waits for a few more hours until his turn arrives and gets failed in the driving test for some trivial reason.
Jay decides to come back again after a month (that’s the minimum waiting period between two tests) and is ready to repeat the process multiple times without giving up or giving in to the act of bribing the officer to get his license.

A few weeks go by and one afternoon Jay goes to the nearby hospital for a regular check-up. While he was waiting for the doctor, an ambulance arrives and the staff hurry in with a severely injured 10 year old kid who seems to have met with an accident. Upon enquiring, one of the nurses mentioned that the kid has been hit by a speeding car. The driver of the car jumped the signal, hit the kid who was crossing the road, lost control of the car and smashed into a tree and died. Within minutes the body of the driver arrives in another ambulance and Jay is shocked to see that it is the body of the same teenager who had got a driving license in 15 minutes even without giving a test, by bribing the authorising officer. While Jay was still thinking about all of this, he could hear the panicked parents of the ill fated 10 year old rushing in to the hospital. To his utter disbelief, the 10 year old kid was the son of the Authorising officer at the Licensing office who accepted bribe and issued the license to the teenager – even without a test.


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