Two middle school students were arrested in Florida on 23rd October after they allegedly planned to murder their classmates as part of a violent satanic ritual that involved drinking their victims’ blood.

2 Florida girls try to kill students

According to officials, the 11 and 12-year-old girls said they were Satan worshipers and they wanted to drink the blood and eat the flesh of the students they killed. The girls then planned to kill themselves.
Investigators said the girls had a goblet, knives, pizza cutter, and several other weapons. When asked to explain the things, the girls said they were planning to murder at least 15 kids who entered the washroom as a part of the ritual. They were allegedly waiting for “smaller kids” that they could easily overpower and kill.
The plan came in mind when the 11-year-old spent the weekend at the 12-year-old’s home, and on Sunday, after a day of watching horror films, they planned to kill several students at the school. The girls decided to attend the first period then meet in a bathroom where they would wait for smaller students and overpower them. They particularly did not want to attack larger students. Using knives tucked under their clothes, the plan was to stab their victims and cut their throats, according to a police report. The girls used the internet to search for how to kill someone with a knife and what type of wound cause their victims “to bleed out the fastest.”
According to the police report, after killing each victim, they intended to stack her or him in a bathroom stall and wait for the next kid to enter the bathroom. The plan does not end here. After the students were dead, they would cut them up and eat parts of the dead flesh. The girls hoped that by killing their fellow students, they would get to go to hell so they could be with Satan.
Although, the plan failed when one of the girls’ mother called the school to say the automated call reporting her daughter’s absence must be a mistake. The detective searched the girls’ homes and found a hand-drawn map that included the phrase, “go to killing bathroom” which marked the bathroom where they were found.
One sheet of notebook paper also included a short poem: “trying hard to leave./stuck in an endless abyss./claw a way out, now.” One of the girls had also scrawled violent lyrics from Eminem and Florence + the Machine on a sheet of paper. A search of the girls’ cell phones found Snapchat texts regarding the plot, according to a police report. The text included, “We shouldn’t have met each other lol. Now Death is near,” and, “I was thinking like stabbing ourselves in the necks.”
The girls currently remain in police custody. It is really sad and disturbing that student in such a small age is actually planning to harm other students in school. No one sends their child school to get harmed.
Who is responsible for this?
What is wrong with the world?