Whether you’re driving to a family reunion, college get-together, family vacation, there’s no question that traveling is stressful. Trying to look good while you’re traveling is pretty much on the top of the stress-o-meter.

Travel beauty tips

Mohamed Najjar

Read on the following 10 travel beauty tips which will make your trip more amazing.

Moisturise: Apply intense moisturizer the night before you are going to fly. This will help increase hydration in your skin before you’re exposed to the dehydrating effects.

Mist with mineral water: To fresh makeup, while traveling, never glob on more foundation or blush. Instead, use a mister of mineral water and add a dab of moisturizer.

Blot out oily skin: To keep skin from getting out of control while traveling, bring blotting papers or rice papers and dab the “T” tone as often as necessary. You’ll dab up the shine and excess oil without stripping out the moisture, so you’ll arrive looking fresher.

Use some shimmer: Does traveling leave you feeling a bit green in the grills? Perk up a tired or hollow complexion with a soft shimmer powder or cream. Stock it lightly on the tops of cheeks, bridge of the nose, and lips for an instant pick-me-up no matter how tired you feel. You can also use a combination of cream blush and lip balm to add color and moisture without dehydrating skin.

Avoid long-lasting lipsticks: To give lips color that will last through your trip, skip the long-lasting lipsticks — they’ll only dehydrate and parch your mouth. Instead, color your lips with several coats of a lip stain, let dry, then top with a clear gloss.

Apply lip treatment liberally: You can further protect your kisser by packing a lip treatment in your carry-on bag and using it liberally while traveling.

Chill out puffy eyes: To reduce under-eye puffiness, use crushed ice in a washcloth and apply it under the eyes. It’s an automatic wake-up call that makes you look and feel immediately fresher.

Perk up your peepers: Watching back-to-back in-flight movies, or reading that paperback novel cover to cover, can also cause you to arrive at your destination with red, watery, not-so-attractive eyes. To avoid it, don’t forget to bring eyedrops. They will lubricate and soothe eyes if you’re reading or watching a movie and refresh and wake up your eyes if you nap.

Keep your hands off your face: To minimize breakouts while you’re on vacation, void touching your skin while you travel. You can pick up any number of unknown bacteria that can result in any number of skin problems after you arrive.

Get a proper beauty rest: If you’re going to nap on the plane, dab some super-rich night cream around your eyes. It will help you look fresher and more relaxed when you wake.

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